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Topic-icon How to Make POOR MAN CAVIAR - A Fisherman's Recipe with Trout Roe

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29 Mar 2018 12:10 #3597 by JerryRuff

How to Make POOR MAN CAVIAR - A Fisherman's Recipe with Trout Roe
. I owe you guy's and gal's a cook. I know I am slow in more ways then one but we get it done. I was going to cook some trout and in the process of doing that I hit a gold mine of eggs. Just like my fishing when I saw that my plans changed and "Poor Man Caviar" it is! Caviar is extremely easy to make, extremely tasty and fulfilling. Caviar can be with any kind of fish roe too and one can even prepare caviar in the field if you have seawater or salt. Caviar can also be made from any kind of fish roe which all have a distinct flavour. I enjoy the mild flavour of trout which the preparation is explained below and in the video.

Roe - From a 1-2 pound trout or any fish.
Salt - 1/3 to 1/4 Cup. You can use fancy salts if you like, I use plan.
Water - 4 Cups plain cold as cold tap water.
OPTIONAL Oil - 1 Teaspoon of your favourite oil. This step is optional if you eat right but recommended if you plan to store you caviar for a period of time. I like oil any case.

1. Rinse your fish roe.
2. Mix the salt and water till you feel MOST of the granule dissolve into water.
3. Add your fish roe and let sit in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
4. Use your hands and nails to remove the roe from its membrane until all eggs are free.
5. Strain roe and save 1 cup of the brine. Place eggs back into brine.
6. Refrigerate for 1 hour.
7. Strain again till most of the liquid is out.
8. OPTIONAL - Add oil, give a good mix and strain again till liquid stops dripping. Again this is optional but I like it and recommended if you plan to store your caviar. It will keep the eggs from sticking together
9. Serve with your favourite spread such as butter, cheese, sour cream or anything you like. Use any kind of base such as breads, crackers or even rice. A mixture of spreads makes a nice meal.

There are many ways to do this and you can vary the technique. Look on line for different ways to prepare and flavour. Caviar is easy to make, delicious, fun and no reason to let quality eggs go to waste. Go ahead and make yourself a fifty dollar meal and smile! I am happy to share my experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

Fish!!! - Best advice I ever got.

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