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09 Nov 2019 07:09 #4995 by Bunufish
So this season, I have been playing around with jigging from shore after watching some youtube videos. Still working at it but have had some success.

Also noticed that during the last few weeks while the bass fishing has been consistent, there were a few times the strikes came but no hookups. I was fishing the jig more to present a grub tail. So one day, when this was happening very frequently, I decided to switched out my grub tail and moved the hook from the tail to head, like a stinger hook.

Turns out I was nailing more fish, although my wife keeps asking me if my jig is on the right way. I used this for my last 3 outings.

The other day, I fished the jig with a teaser and the first part of the trip had them hitting the metal jig, then the last 4-5 fish only hit the teaser.

So it seems like this shore jigging thing is worth more time working on it. Anyone else familiar or fish this way? Would love to compare notes.


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09 Nov 2019 13:03 - 09 Nov 2019 13:13 #4998 by JerryRuff
Very cool Bunufish! Good thinking on moving the tail hook. I heard a bunch of guys mention the same thing who were thinking they were shad. I made mention I am pretty sure they are smaller bass as I found I was only connecting with smaller bass and sometimes a occasional bigger fish.

I would get a bunch of light taps and follow up with a wap and a fish. I never moved the hook up but its a grand idea. I do feel it is no loss as the fish are numerous and I dont fish for points. Some after thought If I miss a bunch of smaller guys that about means there is a commotion around your lure. Bigger fish may see and key in and finally grab it. Just my thinking and sharing but I will have to keep in mind for those days when things just not happening another trick in the bag thanks for sharing Fish Your Way!

Fish!!! - Best advice I ever got.
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09 Nov 2019 18:12 #5002 by Timmah
Bunufish I found jigging from shore is a little different from jigging from boat. the line is at an angle Jerry has a couple of videos using horizontal jigging method from shore it's worth check out. I found using assist hooks will up your chance of catching as well. I went on a boat trip during summer and the assist hook worked well for black sea bass, I think it will work equally well on stripers.

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09 Nov 2019 21:18 #5003 by Maciaszek
Have had a lot of success last few weeks jigging along the bottom. Almost like a fluke drift.

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