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The LOST ART of Surf Fishing - PENN No.77 SEA HAWK a Vintage Fishing Reel. Had a blast the past several days bait fishing on the beach. Yes, a blast with sea robins, skates and sand sharks! I kicked it up a notch and took the vintage PENN No. 77 Sea Hawk out for a spin. Literately, as the handle spins on cast! It is a old time back to the roots as basic as you can get casting reel. It does feature the luxury of a bait clicker. Otto made his fortune on these fishing reels during and after the great depression. With time on peoples hands and mouths to feed folks spent there last dollars on these reels with hopes to feed there families and this No. 77 Sea Hawk did the job today. They are awesome fun reels to use and a degree of skill and dexterous is required. Your thumb is the drag, there is no anti-reverse and no casting controls. The reel seems to come alive when a fish takes. This is RAW fun fishing at its best! I guarantee after a day of surf casting you can get the hang of it. I found this reel very enjoyable to use and very engaging when playing the fish. The fight is all you! The biggest fish must have been well over 12 pounds and close to 4 feet long and it was no problem bringing him in.

A bit of history. This PENN reel was actually my first reel I have ever used. A week later I got a PENN Sea-Boy No. 85. Soon after I received the Beachmaster No. 155 featured in many of my videos along with the Jigmaster 500 and Squidder 140 and the rest was history! I love these PENN reels. They pass the test of time and any abuse the sea has to offer. I will be doing a new series of videos featuring bare bones turn of the century reels made for serious surf fishing. Have some other reels lined up starting with the Sea Scamp and I may even take out a Vom Hofe but well see! I think it is pretty cool and I hope a few of you do too! Its kinda fun using new old things. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.