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Wader Repair w. AQUASEAL How to Fix LEAKY Pinholes Tears Seams & Boot



Complete Wader Repair w. AQUASEAL How to Fix Pinholes, Tears, Seams & Boots. DON'T THROW THOSE LEAKY WADERS OUT!!! Before I start the spring I fix all my waders. I sometimes use duct tape during the season but Aquaseal is a more permanent fixture. In fact the repair you do with aqua seal will be more water resistant then the rest of your wader! In this video I go down the list. I start with a pinhole, patch a boot puncture, tear up my waders with a razor blade and patch it up, and finish off by sealing seams. If you wish to jump to a specific repair you can click on or go to the time in the list below.

Get a general idea where the water is coming through. Get a light source and in a dark room place it under the area and scan. The pin hole will look like a bright star under the light. You really do not need to shine right under the hole. The light will shine through. Put your finger under and mark with a sharpie. A small bead of aqua seal is all you need. Just spread it around and let dry. Believe it or not you can tape over the pinhole and go about fishing and if you wish you can apply the Aquaseal and repair the wader on the outside but for purposes of this video I did the fix proper.

For this your gonna have to size up a patch. You can make a patch from about any fabric as the Aquaseal with permeate it. I like to use old wader strips. Basically, just use a generous amount of Aqua seal on the puncture area of the boot. Make sure you get some inside the hole and all around inside. IF YOUR WADER BOOT DOES NOT HAVE A LINING MAKE SURE TO TAPE A SMALL RESERVOIR INSIDE. Cut your patch, use Aquaseal on the patch and lay in place. You can let dry or just do as I did and slap another layer on top of the patch. Make sure your Aquaseal extends at least 1/4" beyond the patch. Let dry over night.

This repair was fun! I got to cut into my wader! Its almost gonna be the same repair as fixing up your boot with Aquaseal. Cut a patch to size extending at least 1/4" past the tear or bigger. Your patches can never be too big, however a patch can be too small. Something to keep to mind. Tape the outside of the wader together. Most likely in the field your tear will be uneven. In that case you can over lap your fabric a little when you tape it. After you inside out your waders use a generous portion of Aquaseal right on the wader. Set you patch with Aquaseal as well and place on top. You can let dry or do as I did and apply more aquaseal on top. Some folks do another layer the next day but this is good enough for me. I would like to note you could work either side of the wader with Aquaseal. I actually prefer the outside but normal people do the inside as I did in this video as it looks neater.

Sealing Seams - 18:20
This is probably the easiest but most time consuming wader repair on the list. Seam leaks are generally slow and occur after a couple of seasons. You just feel damp where the occur in large areas. I sometimes do the seams after the first season if I find the time. I just did a small portion to show how I do it and when I do seams I do all of them. You can use a brush or cardboard strips like me and just paint portions up the seams to the crotch. You will have to do small portions at a time letting the Aquaseal dry as you work up or down the wader. Just apply the Aquaseal so it overlaps at least 1/4" past the seam.

I did these wader repairs quick and ruff. That's just how I do things. I know the stuff works. Please be as neat and tidy as you wish. Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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