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Fishing w. Bucktail & Rabbit Strips - Another HOP AWAY From Uncle Josh




Fishing with Bucktail & Rabbit Strips - Another HOP AWAY From Uncle Josh.  Rabbit strips are another inexpensive, customizable and convenient alternative for your Uncle Josh pork rind alternative trailer strips.  They are great for striper bass, bluefish and fluke.  I started using rabbits because I had some laying around from some of my fly patterns and thought... it just makes too much sense to use them as a trailer!  Rabbit strips have a full flaring buoyant action and have an amazing natural wiggle fish can not resist.  Rabbit strips can be cut to size but I like 4" - 5" strips the best for most of my saltwater fishing needs in place of Uncle Josh pork trailers.  These fishing strips come in many colors to suit your fishing needs.  I generally like red, white, yellow and chartreuse strips but you can get just about any color.  The rust color makes a killer sandworm all on its own!

You can trim the hair off the top and make your bucktail sink fast or keep em full and bushy for a more buoyant action helping your bucktail come alive unlike anything you have ever seen.  They are quite durable and can withstand attacks from multiple fish.  My favorite part is they remain on my bucktail through the season with no need to move them in and out of messy juice.  No drying up, easy and fast on the water to get you that extra cast.  You can even tie them right up on your bucktail so you done ready to fish. 

I have several videos with them in use you can browse through and Dave from Relax & Fish right here on you tube uses them in many of his videos so you can check them out.   Dave also has a ton of other fishing action so be sure to subscribe to his channel.  The link is below and in the video as well.  Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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