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FISHING TIP - How To Make Uncle Josh Pork Rind Trailer w. Craft Sheets




Fishing Tip - How To Make Uncle Josh Pork Rind Trailer with Merino Wool Craft Sheets.  I had a few questions about these strips from a previous video I did.  So here is a follow up on the whole procedure on making a Uncle Josh pork rind alternative with Merino Wool craft sheets.  The fishing strips are great for striped bass, bluefish and fluke.  They can be used in any situation in any size you need them in fresh or salt water.  The wool fishing strip is strong when wet, easy to make, inexpensive, customizable and fun to make.  You could make a hundred 4" strips easy with a 12" by 12" sheet which will last you seasons to come!  In addition there is no mess or heavy juice and you can leave them on your bucktail right through the season.

You can buy the merino wool sheets in any craft store or find it online.  It comes in different blends.  I don't think the blend is too important but I have used 25/100 and 50/50 and found action and durability is much the same.  Buy a bunch of sheets in different colors and cut as you need them.  The are between $1 and $2 dollars a sheet.  In the video I show how you cut the merino wool first horizontally then vertically.  You can vary your size as you may need for your fishing situation.  I use the fishing strips just as is after that first cut.  But you can also sure them up with some cement and a hole in the lead end of the strip for a longer lasting strip.  You can also tie right onto your bucktail the same way you would with hackle feathers as well.

Strong enough to withstand the abuse of toothy critters, inexpensive and easy to make, convenient to carry and use and the ability to customize these strips make them a logical choice to use as your trailer over expensive and messy Uncle Josh alternative baits.  In a final note I learned about these strips from an age old surf angler this is not one of my creations.  We all learn from each other so keep an open mind out on the water and hopefully you will give these a try!  Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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