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Beach Striped Bass Surf Fly Fishing & CHICKEN SCRATCH Deceiver


Beach Striped Bass Surf Fly Fishing & CHICKEN SCRATCH Deceiver.  I did some open beach saltwater surf fly fishing for the striped bass that been hanging on the beach.  I took the fly rod out for a spin for some schoolie bass action.  Took a few minutes and some casts to find my rhythm but got the fishing going.  I been getting a lot of the stripers on yellow teasers the past few weeks so I made up a few Chicken Scratch Style Deceiver flies and they did the trick.  The bass were close in so I did not have to haul too far, most fish were 40 feet or less off the surf. 

For those interested in fly fishing I was using a 9wt rod, with 9wt line that had a 30ft 8/9 fast sink rate.  Leader was just 3ft of 30lb on about 2ft of 15lb flouro carbon material.  The fly as mentioned was a Chicken Scratch Deceiver on a 1/0 hook with a few strips of flashabou, nothing fancy no eyes, no bells, no whistles.  The wind was angled head on but slightly opposite my casting arm which helped a bunch.  I can slip all kinds of fancy casts in but I prefer to throw the book away and go rogue.  Some days it looks pretty and others it looks plain awkward but do what works and get it out there. 

It was pretty good fishing had well over a dozen and drop several in the end due to knowingly fishing with a dulled hook.  I could not ask for a better day of fishing!  Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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