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Winter Bay Herring Fishing - WALKING THE DOG with Sabiki Jigs



Winter Bay Herring Fishing - WALKING THE DOG with Sabiki jigs.  The herring fishing continued this week and the schools seem to be slowly building up deeper inside the bay.  Met up with Gregory and we had herring right in the jump.  Tim later joined us to get into the action and we all racked in a bunch of winter goodness.  Most of the herrings were on the bottom and we worked our sabiki rig's and flasher's slowly.  Gregory used the term "walking the dog."  Not like the old Zara Spook but most fish were had covering a lot of water with our rigs slowly bouncing on the bottom - just like walking the sabiki rig.  Tim jumped on the bite for a sweet batch of some pickled goodness!  Hopefully the herring stock builds up and the madness thickens with some mackerels mixed in!  Only time will tell what father fishing brings!  Thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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