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Surf Fishing Warm Sunny Bright HELLO YELLOW Bluefish Days!



Surf Fishing on Warm Sunny Bright HELLO YELLOW Bluefish Days!.  Was poking through some old videos to publish and ran through this series.  It was shot in late May on a moderate sunny day.  What I noticed was kinda neat was that the predominant color used for the bluefish was yellow.  I used yellow needlefish, bottle darters and poppers.  All yellow.  The needle produced 2-1 from what I do recall from the days fishing.  I believe I also tried other colors which did not yield any strikes.  A great video to show how effective color can be on certain days for certain species of fish.  Of course any color would have yielded results but I feel confident on my methodology so I stick with it and will stray from the yellows if I do not get results.

A quick note on needles is I like to fish the slow, pause and fast rips in no particular order.  The needles I use have a slow drop so on the pause it is sinking very slow so will yield action and on the slow retrieve rides up to the surface.  I will also sometimes work them right on top for some violent strikes.  Just vary your retrieve till you find what works that day.  Nice looking back on sunny days and thanks as always for watching and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

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