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The Jones Beach surf offers fishing all year round with the peak season starting in early spring to early winter.  If your looking to catch fluke, bluefish, striped bass, blackfish, weakfish or anything else which inhabits its water's there’s a time and place at Jones Beach to spike up your rod and reel them in.  From the fast crazy action of late spring to big striped bass feeding frenzy's of the fall, the Jones Beach surf offers opportunities all year round.  Get out and fish all the seasons on the Jones Beach surf.

 Spring Time, April to June

This is my favourite time of the year to fish simply because the fishing gets geared up again and there is a bright light after a long drawn winter.  You can only clean your tackle and organize your tackle, watch YouTube videos and shop so much before it gets old.  Its time to put all your winter's thoughts in action on the surf and get your fishing grove going for the rest of the year.

Early April at Jones Beach will most likely be a bit slow as the water starts to warm up.  I have found the first fish to show will be the skates.  I like to poke around with bait this time of year because it is just more effective and you'll catch the first indicator fish to get an idea of whats to come.  You should start picking up skates as they show and normally with in a few weeks or less you can expect stripped bass and blues to be behind them.   By late April you should see a few bass being caught and schools of blues start to trickle in as well.  I like to take a nice walk this time of year around some of my normal haunts to get an idea of how the structure has changes.  Expect the fishing to be some what slow in April but there will be fish to be caught.  As May rolls around things get into gear nicely.  The bluefish can be as thick as mosquitoes by mid May and plenty of  striped bass to be caught.  The pesky old sea robins will start to invade and right behind them will be the first wave of fluke to show.  The fishing action starts to magnify into June with a influx of weakfish and I have found June to be a great month for striped bass in these waters.  By the end of June you will have a nice gambit of fish to choose from and in nice numbers too.  The stripers can be big, the bluefish plain pesky and the fluking action non stop in late spring.

Summer Time, July to September

Take in the deep hot summer while you can.  I say you only get one summer so you may as well use it.  It can be a rough time to fish because of the heat and slow action but the fish are there just try to target the right times of day and night and the right species and you will find just as much success as late spring.

Early summer action pretty much coincides with the fast furious late spring fishing.  As July approaches the fluking will build up peaking into August.  If your looking for big fluke this is the time to concentrate your efforts.  July can be a good month for striped bass too with some bigger fish being caught at night.  In general if your looking for stripper or big blues this time of year try to fish between dusk to dawn.  You may think the beach is void of striped bass but ask all the night fisherman when your leaving and they will tell you there tales.  The beaches also have been know to produce an excellent early pre-dawn to dawn bite.  If your the adventurous type this July and August are the months to fish for shark here.  Again most will be caught at night on big bait.  In the high heat of late summer when your tied of pulling in fluke after fluke give the trigger fish a shot.  Its a nice change of pace, there delicious to eat and can provide steady constant action with some nice 8 pounder's in the mix as well.  You may also find a nice mix of kingfish, porgies and plenty of sea bass mixed in as well and don't be surprised if you hit some blackfish either.  This time of year can be a hard bracket to fish but with experience and timing you will find it productive.

Fall Fishing Madness, October to December

What to say about fall?  Like anywhere on the north east its time to concentrate on some big striped bass.  The striped bass can show anywhere between September to Late October but when they do you will know it.  They tend to show up in huge stock in the late fall willing to grab anything you toss at them as they migrate.  Some days you may find yourself hitting them one after another in good size.  Typically November is going to be your best bet but the action can start as early as October and go right through December.  This time of year the bluefish are unpredictable.  You may find them completely out numbering the striped bass or you may not catch another till next spring but for sure the striped bass will be there and they tend to lose a sense of weariness and will bite ferociously.

Another great option for the fall until early winter is the blackfish bite.  The Green Island and Field 10 piers will give you the chance to land a quality fish this time of year.  Every year there are nice fish to be had and don't be surprised if you land one that tops 8 pounds plenty come up on the piers every year.  Try to get out on the seasons opener because when the waters cool the blackfish will head for deeper water so there is a narrow frame.  I like to see if I could nail a few blackfish before I get into the striped bass action.  Try a variety of crabs because they can be picky, if your lucky you'll have a good group of anglers to fish with so you can tel;l what there taking.

Winter Cool Down, December to March

Things as they go in the winter start to cool down in late December and into the deep winter.  You still have a good shot at striped bass and may hit a stray bluefish in early December but the fast action of the year tapers off.  One thing to consider if the herring show you may find a second nice run of striped bass.  A few winters ago there was a nice run of bluefish in late December with the temperatures close to freezing.  It's a great time to load up for herring for the spring this time of year.  They can be quite numerous and probably one of the few options from the surf in the deep winter.   The winter is the time to buy, clean and repair your tackle for the season to come.  Lots of thinking about next season and reflecting on the past.  Use the time off to plan next years strategy to make your next season a better one and you will come into the next a more seasoned angler on the Jones Beach surf.